What Courses Do We Offer?

Vegetable Gardens Workshop

The motivation for wanting to grow food at home are many. There are some great ways of increasing productivity for any given space. This workshop will go through the basics so you can understand how to create your very own edible garden at home, from selecting the right plant for the right place to creating an edible ecological garden that includes natives and flowers.

Small Space Garden

In this course, learn how to plan and create your own small space urban garden. Adapt to your environment and push boundaries, get in touch with the plants around you and most importantly get creative and have fun.

Garden Design Course

You will learn practical & inspirational ideas to create beautiful borders. You’ll also be learning about form, structure and texture of plants as well as where to place plants so they thrive – ‘right plant, right place’ is the simplest idea you can implement in your garden that will have the greatest impact.

Best Plants for Bedroom
Lacy-Tree Philodendron (Philodendron bipinnatifidum)

This spectacular but easy-to-manage plant has huge leaves with delicate, lacelike edges. It’s upright when smaller but will eventually spread out as it grows. Give the Philodendron moderate light, and water it when the top few inches of soil become dry.

Dieffenbachia (various hybrids)

This plant has flashy leaves—but the sap within contains crystals that can irritate mucous membranes. Yikes. If you have a pet that enjoys chewing on greenery, we suggest skipping it. Otherwise, it’s a generally carefree plant that only needs moderate amounts of filtered light. Keep the soil lightly moist, but never soggy.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officianalis)

This culinary herb has a pleasant, piney scent, particularly after you brush your fingertips against it. It needs strong light, so keep it by a bright window (preferably a south-facing one). Allow the soil to dry within an inch of the surface between waterings, and turn the pot every week, so the plant grows more evenly.

Gardening Tips
Make a water sprinkler out of a plastic bottle

Here is yet another use for an old plastic bottle in your garden. Make a line of holes around the length of the bottle with a thumbtack, rotate, and repeat several times. Push a hose inside, put some tape on to seal the connection, and turn the water on.

Amazing DIY birdfeeders

Did you know it’s easy to make your own birdfeeder with stuff you probably already have around the house? Birdfeeders are made with teacups, kettles, shoes, and more.

Convert an old pair of jeans into a garden apron

Wish you had something to wear out in the garden that would keep your clothes clean while you’re kneeling down in the dirt? If you have an old pair of jeans lying around, you can turn them into a garden apron in seconds, using just a pair of scissors.

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